Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update on my Sizzix.....

It's fixed !!!!!!!!!!! Well it didn't fix itself, but hubby, seeing me all sad and down, decided to try to fix it for me. At first he tried oil from the outside, but no luck, and so he DISMANTLED it!!! Can you imagine me seeing all this happening.... My heart was missing beats.

Anyway, all it needed was some oil from the insides, and there was also a little screw near the handle on the inside that was rusty. He said that this might have been causing the problem!

Phew .. I was so relieved when it was ok again! What would I do without my hubby and my Sizzix :P

Thanks everyone.



Lisa Jane said...

Phew... i bet it was like watching open heart surgery lol.. so glad its fixed
Lisa x

Karen said...

~Seriously funny sweet pea..
My hubby dismantled my Grand Callibur once..
(Yes my heart was in my mouth... although I couldn't be one hundred percent on it's whereabouts at the time, because I truly think it had stopped beating!) Ho hum!

But!! My fabby hubby saved the day too.. lol..
All's well that ends well!

Glad you have it back,

Kathyk said...

How handy that your hubby was able to fix your die cutter - you must be thrilled.

Happy Saturday


Liz McGuire, said...

Great news. I'd be lost without mine!

Liz x
Oh, and what a clever hubby.

Jac said...

Oh Dora, so pleased hubby was able to fix your big kick, I know I'd be lost without my big shot, it's surprising how much I use it without really thinking about it so big smiles all round xx. ;-)

Chris said...

Phew, what a relief!! It's like part of you is broken! Well done lovely hb!

Chrissy said...

Missed your first post, but saw this one and so happy that is is all fixed, my Son does all my fixing,sometimes men are worth their weight in my mother used to say...


Shelby said...

Yea for hubby!!!


Lilian said...

Dora, Great Hubby managed to fix you Sizzix. I hope it will be ok now. Hugs

Sandra H said...

That's great news Dora now back to your craft xx

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