Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amazing Candy for a Good Cause

Kristen is offering this amazing candy to encourage us all to send cards to Ethan and Bella who are in need of support.

Please go and read their stories on Kristen's blog and for details on where you can send them your card.

This is Ethan, who has been fighting a battle with a severe form of cancer for a few years and is now undergoing more treatment.

And this is Bella who developed a severe infection and lost all 4 limbs. She is now needing intensive therapy and needs a lot of support to help her through the difficult times ahead.


Dorpan said...

Hi Dora! And thanks for stopping by my blog. And wjat a loveli comment you gave me!! Thanks! You have wonderful creations. I'm just a newbie so I still have much to learn=)
Have a wonderful day!

Kelly said...

Isn't it sad when illness attacks kids?

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