Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hiiiiiii .. I'm back :)))

Yes, we came back last Sunday from an amazing two week holiday in Orlando, and now I'm really hoping to be able to get back to my routine, catch up on a few blogs and start my card-making again, which I haven't been able to do so far. Jet lag finally gone now, done all the washing ... not all the ironing though.. aarrrgh :/ still more housework to do, and kitchen finally getting done too!!! Yes, kitchen is still upside down, but as planned, the carpenter did the kitchen cupboards while we were gone and now he came to fix them in place. He already came twice, so hopefully after we get the new fridge and freezer tomorrow he will only need to come another time or two and I can say FINALLY!!!!!

But no more of this boring stuff.... guess where I have to organize now ... my craft room... and why ???? Woo hooo... I bought so many stuff from Michael's, thanks to my friends Kathy and Lou, who told me where to go, that I really don't know where I am going to put everything :)))) He he .. luckily OH didn't say anything and he just let me do... Don't want to tell you how much I spent.. I don't want to feel bad, of course I don't, but if I do think about it, I might feel bad and I don't want :)))) Anyway, I bought an embossing and cutting machine!!!! some embossing folders, a cutting die (yes just one as they didn't have any ones I liked :|) a heat gun, a circle cutter, lots and lots of Martha Stewart punches, lots and lots of ribbon, some paper pads, some stamps, flowers... I don't know what happened but could it be that the stuff just fell in my bag???? he he :) I really can't wait to get done with all the work that needs to be done around the house so that I can start blogging and crafting again!!!! So missed you all!! I did peek a bit around, but I couldn't leave any comments as I was using just my mobile and it is so slow and had only a few minutes in the morning before we went out for the day.

This is my favourite photo which we took at the Universal Studios ... can you see I'm soaking wet and enjoying myself....

Here I am go-karting at the Fun Spot where we spent a whole day. The kids didn't want to leave.

Eating lobster for dinner ..

Today I was dragged to the Star Wars Convention. Not my idea of fun, but I have to say I enjoyed it ....

... but still... I prefer a day at a park..

.. riding an awesome roller coaster

or going down a water slide...

or just shopping!!!!!

He he ... now showing off my new designer clothes :)))

Well, I go for today but I'll be popping round to say hello in the coming days :))

Big hugs


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like you had a great time,Dora....and that you need a new,larger craft room.

Dawn said...

Good to see your pictures & that you had a fab time, mind you, how could you not in Orlando??? You'll soon be back to normal & blogging away & using your new goodies.

Kathyk said...

Looks like you had an awesome time Dora, glad to hear that you bought up Michaels - did you find the Joanns too? Lovely pics - hope to see more over the coming days.


Teresa / Trees aWard in Crafts said...

Wow what a great time you had. I love that lobster photo. Mmmmm!

annieambriel said...

So glad to have you back .. miss ya:D. Nice pics .. looks like you have had a fantastic hols. Cant wait to see your creation next.

Brenda Brown said...

Hi Dora - good to have you back. Looks like you needed to buy extra cases while you were out there to bring everything home in (I've done that before.
It takes a while to catch up I've just found that out. But glad you had a good holiday.
Luv B xxx

Cor* said...

Oh how I missed you and your lovely comments. Everything looks so delicious, from Lobster to designer clothes to MICHEALS!! AHHAHAHAA!!!!!! sounds like a blast was had by all!! Nice pictures!! So excited to see some new creations with all your goodies!!! Glad to have you back girl!

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Dora it is lovely to see you back and what a fabulous selection of holiday photos it looks and sounds like you had an amazing time.

Lorraine x

Fleur said...

Welcome back Dora, looks like you had an amazing time, thanks again for my fab candy.
Looking forward to see more new creations with your new stash. Hugz Fleur xXx

My name is Wynneth said...

Looks like you have the most FABULOUS time Dora, thanks for sharing the piccies - not long til I'll be there myself now! At least it will give Michaels the chance to re-stock before I get there!!!

Heidi said...

Fabulous pics Dora! It looks like you had a great time. I love that you got dragged to the Star Wars Convention!

DoubleClick Connections said...

Welcome back! Your family photos look like so much fun!! Can't wait to see what you create with all your new goodies!

JLJ Designs said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a fun time. How did you get all your loot in your suitcase?


Fany said...

Seem to me you had a pretty good time, just that nice smile of your, LOL!!! Worth a bag of gold coins. You have a nice family also.
Friendly regards.
Thanks again, dear Doreen

Fleur said...

Dora, only me again
There's a little something over at my blog for you
Hugz Fleur xXx

Tammy said...

Dora~so glad you had a wonderful time. It looks like you had some sun...which is great seeing it has been raining non-stop for days.
Love all the photos...looks like you covered alot of area. Smiles...
We do love our they have a great selection of crafting goodies. I am thinking you put a good dent into your stash. *grins*
Gotta have fun, right?
Good to have you back. I have not been crafting too much as it is have been crazy getting back into the swing of things. Lots of school stuff to deal with and sports too. Hopefully this weekend I can goal!
Thanks for sharing about your vacation.

Kelly said...

Welcome back Dora...We really missed you! Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time. I can't believe you were in Orlando and didn't even tell me. Universal is right down the street from us.

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